Use the power of personalized video for prospecting

Key points you'll learn:

How to include personalized video in your prospecting process to fill your appointment calendar
The strategy for increasing response rates
How to apply this strategy with ClarkUp

How do I create a custom video with ClarkUp?

ClarkUp Extension - Recording Video

From the ClarkUp extension, in the bottom menu, go to "Video Recording".

Once there, you have three options:

Record your screen at the same time as your webcam is activated.
=> preferable for personalized videos, as it allows you to show something you can explain orally.
Screen capture
Record your screen.
Webcam Only
Activate only your webcam. This option humanizes the message you wish to convey.

Several video templates (cold prospecting, hot prospecting and appointment follow-up) are available in your ClarkUp member area to help you get started.

Once registration is complete, you'll find a dedicated "Videos" tab in your ClarkUp member area, where you can view your recorded videos.
In this area, you'll be able to :

Customize the page containing the video you're going to share with your lead
Create a unique link to share with a lead
Follow the statistics related to this video

Let's take a closer look at these three elements:

ClarkUp video settings

1. Page customization

When you click on the video you want to customize, you'll find a box on the left-hand side that lets you add :

A title
A custom slug (to personalize the URL)
A description
A miniature (animated or non-animated)
A color in the background
One or more tags
A CTA (call to action) by choosing the button text
A color for the CTA button
A URL (to a page of your choice)
Embed HTML (useful when you want to add your own calendar)

2. Creating a link to share with a lead

To enable you to track video playback statistics on a given lead, you have an option that lets you "Link the video to a lead" by searching for it in your ClarkUp lead database. 

This option is all the more advantageous as it will enable you to personalize your future exchanges with this lead. 

For example, if he hasn't read your video, you can ask him about it again, or if he has read it, you can send him a message to continue your exchanges.

Linking a lead to a video
Video linked to a lead

3. Video statistics

Once the video has been sent to the lead with the personalized URL, you can track various statistics:

The opening
CTA click
Playback date
Viewing percentage

You'll find these statistics below the video, in the lead's file in the "Videos" tab. Finally, an icon will appear next to the lead's name in the "Pipelines" view.

ClarkUp gives you all the keys you need to create personalized videos in just a few clicks. 

And above all, to make your prospecting easier, by humanizing it and making it possible to find your video tracking statistics in a single space.