B2B sales prospecting
The complete method with ClarkUp

Are you looking for B2B customers for your business?

You've come to the right place! 

We're going to show you step by step how ClarkUp can help you in your business development with a guaranteed system that brings you new B2B customers every month...

Where are your B2B customers?

When we talk about B2B, we immediately think of...Linkedin! Indeed, Linkedin is a network that can be particularly effective for B2B prospecting.

But....don't underestimate other networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even one that might surprise you and is also starting to be used to promote B2B services... TikTok!

How can I find B2B customers on Linkedin?

The first thing you need is a strategy, but not just any strategy. A strategy that will make the most of your time and, above all, bring you customers! 

You have two different ways of finding customers: 

N°1: Publish content on the platform, get noticed and naturally attract your ideal clientele. 

N°2: Contact your target audience directly so that they can book an appointment with you to present your solution in person. 

Which is the best? 

We recommend that you try both methods, and you don't necessarily have to choose between one or the other. Both can be particularly effective!

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Method 1: Find customers on Linkedin by publishing content and using ClarkUp!

Getting likes, comments and new people to follow your profile is great, but turning those people into customers... that's even better!

Here's the step-by-step method you can use with CLarkUp to turn all the people who interact with your content into conversations, then appointments, then customers!

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Step 1: Open ClarkUp and import all the people who comment or like your content into a Pipeline :

With ClarkUp, in just 1 click of the mouse, you can import all the people who like or comment on any post on Linkedin. 

Next, you'll have all these people listed on a pipeline that will reflect the strategy you wish to use. We'll talk in more detail in another article about the ideal pipelines to use depending on the objective you have.

On ClarkUp, you have access to Pipeline templates that you just have to follow.


In this example, the first step in your B2B sales prospecting would be to connect with the person, if you haven't already done so. Given that this person has already interacted with your content, your acceptance rate will generally be very interesting. 

You can add a note to your message such as : 

Hi First Name, thanks for liking my last post on .... I saw your profile and thought it would be interesting if we could connect here.

Simple, clear and effective message. 

Step 2: Send a direct message


Then, the second step in the pipeline after acceptance, would be to send a message.

Thanks to ClarkUp, you can assign message templates to each step. All you have to do is copy and paste the message into your inbox. 

Step 3: Making an appointment

Then you bring in a strategy that will enable you to take the next step: a reservation in your calendar to talk to your prospect face-to-face!

For this, we recommend...the personalized video! 

Simply open ClarkUp from your prospect's Linkedin profile and record your message. 1min30 maximum!

You'll find video templates to suit your needs in the ClarkUp member's area.

You'll be able to create a page dedicated to your prospect in just a few clicks, then track the analytics. When did your prospect open the video, what percentage of the video was viewed, and whether he clicked on your call-to-action button!

The aim here is to propose an action in your video: in most cases, the booking of an appointment. You'll be able to insert a button with a link to your calendar, for example, below your video.

Step 4: Follow-up

Then follow up with all your prospects the easy way with the personalized pipeline of your choice!

This strategy alone can bring you dozens of appointments every week.

Method 2:
Sales prospecting on Linkedin
with ClarkUp

There are 3 very interesting ways to find qualified leads on Linkedin.

No. 1: Find Linkedin posts that get your ideal prospect to like and comment!

Every day, a huge number of posts are made in your field, and there are some nuggets among them! 

Imagine, for example, a post featuring a guide to investing in real estate, and to get it, people have to comment on the post.


Imagine you're looking to talk to people who want to invest in real estate, and this post has received 230 comments. Open ClarkUp, import all these people into your pipeline and follow your prospecting strategy!

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No. 2: Identify Linkedin events that your prospects are likely to attend

Every week, a large number of events are created on Linkedin, and among them are nuggets for you. Events that contain a large percentage of ideal prospects for you.

In just 1 click with ClarkUp, you can import all event participants into a pipeline!

We've got something even better for you: a step-by-step video explaining this B2B sales prospecting strategy.

3: Use Linkedin's search function to find your future customers

Looking for marketing agency CEOs who live in Paris? No problem, with Linkedin's search and filters you can find and identify hundreds of targeted prospects with just a few clicks of the mouse:

Again here, open ClarkUp and import the people targeted by your search into ClarkUp, then simply follow your pipeline strategy!


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